Port Peddler LLC dba Panda Equipment dissolved and stopped operating in 2018.  Please send any questions regarding "Port Peddler LLC dba Panda Equipment"s dissolution to dissolution@portpeddler.com 

Copy of Dissolution Papers to Be Filed (pdf)

Copy of DBA form License for Panda Equipment

The former entity Port Peddler LLC reserves the right to pursue all accounts receivables using any payment method on file. The status of any collection attempts on non performing Notes, Accounts Receivables and other assets of the LLC will be made available to any and all interested parties, if requested by email at dissolution@portpeddler.com  The Final Balance sheet will be made available to any and all interested parties, if requested by email at dissolution@portpeddler.com 

If you need service on any item sold by Port Peddler LLC dba Panda Equipment, please revert to the items manufacturer or name plate. If assistance is still needed please email dissolution@portpeddler.com